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One Direction Album Review

The album is pretty much what one would expect from the group. Its formulaic but well executed. Even most of the songs one would call “filler” are generally quality and not throwaways. I feel that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts which was one of my problems with their first outing. I actually respect that they don't feel the need to pander to the hipsters out there by having a rap track, a dance track, and thank god there is no no veer towards R&B radio. Just pop...which is as it should be. The album is meant to be fun, and it is. That is not to say that it does not have issues. Some of the songs sound a bit too similar in style to the singles from “Up All Night” making them a bit redundant, and Little Things is a sellout and artistic flop if I have ever seen one. Still, they don't try to apologize for being what they are, which is as it should be.

The track on the album that is probably the most similar to the style/vibe of their hits on “Up All Night”. Its a solid pop anthem but I feel it lacks the something extra that made “You Don't Know Your Beautiful” a massive radio hit. Still a solid, fun song, that I can enjoy if I am in the right mood. The song captures the persona of the band very well and delivers what the fans expect.

Nice fast paced ditty with good rhythm. Supposedly this will be the next single and thats probably a good thing because, while its not groundbreaking by any means, it is a different style than their previous singles. Lighthearted and really plays to their base without coming of as pandering.

Speaking of pandering.....hi Little Things! First off this song is 100% pander. No way to get around that. It's lyrics are super uncomfortable and essentially are just taking the “What Make's You Beautiful” theme way to far. The song only exists because they wanted a super slow song that even the less uh....vocally adept....members of the band could sound good on solo. No one would ever actually want someone to sing this to them. Even if you move beyond the lyrics its just not a well put together song to begin with.

Nice song. Its a very archetypal ....nothing surprising here to be found. Its a solid attempy but it doesn't cause any emotion from me one way or another. Still, no major complaints to be had. I do think other songs on the album do a better job of what this one is attempting.

Mid tempo track that is pretty much exactly what the title implies. Its very obvious that this is going to be a fangirl staple for a long, long time. Would not be at all surprised if this end up as a single if their management does not want to mess with the formula. I personally don't find the song to be all that catchy so meh.

Reminds me of an Avril Lavigne track, especially at the start. Really nothing special about this song in my humble opinion. Very typical.

Blatantly inspired by “We Will Rock You” by Queen, but it is well executed. Fun song that isn't too “pandery” and no filler. I don't think this has much of a chance of becoming a single, but I think it is a very nice change-up in the middle of the album. I enjoy the song quite a bit. Also it's a showcase of the thinly veiled sexual innuendo that the band is slowly getting known for. This helps it have a broader appeal I think.

Another ballad in a similar vein to “Little Things”. Its a much better song though as it is has far less pander. Still......I see this song as mostly filler. Itt does pick up a bit at the end and I do enjoy it now and again.

Filler, but GOOD filler. Its very catchy and fast paced. This one has more pander than the average track and it is very, very obviously and blatantly appealing to school age girls. The lack of wiggle room with the lyrics makes it harder for the song to appeal to a larger base, but its not bad enough that I feel like complaining about it too much. Still a nice track.

The lyrics are a bit...all over the place and random. The song does get moving fairly quickly though so it doesn't bother me as much as it could. Of the three ballads that fill the same niche in the album.....this is by far the best. Nice heartfelt song with lyrics that lend themselves to a wide range of interpretations which broadens its appeal. I like it. It has a charm to it that Little Things lacks. It is very easy to tell who is singing, and their different voices actually improve the song (poor Louis).

This song is back to the original formula. Another song I don't have a hard time imagining on the first album. Filler. Still its a solid song.

One of those songs you swear you have heard before because its a very familiar sound. Still its a well executed song that I really can enjoy, and I think it is accessible to a broad audience. I REALLY liked it when I first heard it, but my enthusiasm has cooled a bit since then. Still, I have no major concerns.

Another song I could swear I have heard before.....however, I don't really care in this case. I really like the song as a well executed album ender. I love this type of track and can tell I will be listening to it for a very long time. Warm and fuzzy is how I would describe it.

I like the song. Sometimes the lyrics sound a little bit forced so there are fillers during the verse. Also another very familiar rhythm. Still its fun and faced paced with a catchy chorus. Solid if shallow.

Journey? I guess there is something to be said for just being blatant when copying another songs sound. I really can't get past that like I can with Rock Me. Meh.

The opening had my expectations low...... then the moment the song starts to pick up its amazing in my opinion. This is a song I will be listening to for a long time with its nice swing. I could totally see myself dancing on a beach to this song. It has just the right amount of pandering to make the song appealing without being uncomfortable/condescending. I like this type of song in general rhythm and I won't apologize for that. Easily my favorite song on the album along with Over Again.

A different rhythm than any of the other songs on the album. Solid song but not one of my favorites.

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