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One Direction + Harry Styles Nude Fake + General Thoughts + Go VOTE!

 (If you don't like 1D bare with me.....they are my current obsession but I have a very short attention span.)

So One Direction is big right now (as many have noticed) and they are releasing an album in the next weekish or so.....so thought I would share my thoughts on them. 

The Group: I am a HUGE fan of reality TV singing shows so that doesn't bother me at all. I love the way that there were thrown together and achieved huge success. I believe their friendship is real...mainly because at the age of 16-17 guys tend to get along with one another really well. I think the variety of looks and personalities is a huge plus for the group.

Sexuality: I don't know if any of them are gay. I don't think they would admit it (yet) even if they were. One could surmise that the almost teasing amount of sexual tension could be a tool used to draw away attention from one or two of them that are actually gay. However, I don't think we have any real method of knowing so meh. Its their own business.

Music: I like some of their tracks. Not what draws me to them (obviously). They pander a lot which isn't my thing....but whatever works for them.

Harry Styles: I don't know if I buy his reputation as a womanizer or not. He seems like a funny enough guy. Love his hair. He was also so fucking adorable on X Factor....cheeky bastard. No one should be allowed to be that cute.

Liam Payne: Of the group he is the "marry, buy a house, have 3 kids, etc" type. He looks older than he is (compared to the others...always been that way) and is definitely the best overall singer in the group which is something I can always appreciate. His hair styles have gone downhill though imo....his best is still his X Factor cut.

Louis Tomlinson: The funny one....a bit of an attention whore when they make vids. To me he is someone I would like to hang out with occasionally but would probably annoy the fuck out of me if I had to spend a LOT of time with him. However, DAT ASS! Also his looks have only improved over time....he was smokin at the football game. He also comes off as a little self righteous and indignant occasionally. Soooooo conflicted.

Niall Horan: The puppy of the group. He is adorable to say the least. His singing leaves much to be desired but one does not just get over how adorable Irish accents are. He is the one I would like to keep as a pet lol.

Zayn Malik: Not necessarily my cup of tea. I like him but his (and Harry's) tattoo's are getting a bit out of hand. In 5 years they are going to be PLASTERED. That said....I can appreciate his quieter personality and he is the one that looks most adorable when sleeping *creepy grin*. He is also a nice singer with a good range.

Anyways FAKES. Decided to do another Harry Styles naked fake with a theme. I liked how the last one turned out.
 Made a smaller one for those who don't want extras.
 As you can see. Decided to throw in the nipples on this one. However, tattoo's are a pain in the ass. I tried it on a Bieber and it never produces a good result so just gunna not worry about them lol.

Also if you EVER want me to do minor customizations to fakes just let me know. Text or color changes take literally no time at all. Can add captions, etc.

ELECTIONS: Please my friends. If you live in the US please remember to vote. If anyone tells you your vote does not matter....punch them in the balls..... I will be sooooo depressed if haters win :(
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